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that about sums it up

yesterday morning was Bring Your Child to Work Day here at Blackbaud, and I brought my eldest son for half of the morning, and my daughter for the other half. It was pretty fun! This morning while I was at work my son (who just turned 7) filled out the form that came in his goodie bag. Here it is exactly as he filled it out:

Child’s Name: Callum
Parent’s Name: Brian
Parent’s Job Title: program manuger
Department: PD

1. Describe your parent’s job and duties.


2. What have you learned in school that would help you be successful at this job?

reading and Science

3. What is the hardest thing about your parent’s job?


4. What does your parent like most about their job?


5. Do you think you would like to have your parent’s job? Why or why not?

Why not

6. What do you like most about Blackbaud?

that it is a 4 story bilding.

I should point out that on this particular morning I went to some stand-up meetings to check on how regression testing was going, and then to a sprint demo, so his vision of what I do all day was a little skewed. Still, I found it pretty amusing.

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