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Hiking in Florida

Cypress trees at the Disney Wilderness PreserveLately we’ve been venturing outside for frequent family walks. We’re big fans of nature (especially Callum – he loves checking out interesting plants and trees, and growing his own garden at our place) so we will often hike into the wilderness to explore interesting ecosystems or go on a search for one of Callum’s favorite things – carnivorous plants!

Here in Central Florida there are some really nice wetlands areas to visit. I’ve written two blog posts on Mixminder documenting our visits to two of them. In February we visited the Hal Scott Preserve, where we managed to find numerous different carnivorous plants in the wild. And this past weekend we visited the Disney Wilderness Preserve, an 11,500 acre mitigation project owned by The Walt Disney Company and managed by The Nature Conservancy. We nearly got caught outside in a massive electrical storm, but fortunately we managed to escape unscathed.

It’s been great getting outside to explore and learn more about Florida’s natural ecosystems. We’re looking forward to heading out there again soon.

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