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Christmas lights in Celebration

It’s Christmas Eve! I have to admit, I love the holiday season. People are generally filled with excitement and anticipation, the weather gets a bit cooler here in the south, and of course there are lots of great holiday decorations and Christmas lights to see.

The town of Celebration tends to take holidays pretty seriously. Halloween is always packed with trick-or-treaters, Independence Day features an incredible fireworks display that people come from miles around to see, and at Christmastime the town center is full of people who come to see the “snow” – which is made out of soap suds, but it’s probably the best we can do in central Florida.

Maybe because of all the tourists, plenty of people in town tend to go all out with their Christmas light displays. One street in Celebration, Jeater Bend, has been coordinating their Christmas light displays on their houses to great effect. The street featured on the TV show The Great Christmas Light Fight this year, competing with neighborhoods in Hawaii and Arizona.

Sadly, there are only a few more days left of Christmas light displays – after the New Year they will start to disappear. I’m looking forward to taking a few more walks around the neighborhood during the next few evenings while they’re still up and blinking away.

Water Street
This house reminds me of a house from a fairy tale. I really like the decorations even in the daytime.
Spring Park Loop
Garlands and bows – always classy.
Oak Shadows Road
I really like the toy soldiers at this place. And I like what they did to the trees on the right.
Jeater Bend
This is one of the houses on Jeater Bend (the main house, actually), with a hand-made Mickey Mouse display, waterspouts, jets of fire, and a big circular video display.
Golfpark Drie
These people go all out every Christmas. Apparently they have even more decorations to choose from, and switch out the ones they display every year!

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