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stories 1 & 2

this evening before heading out to the bookstore with Y&C I decided to change my contact lenses for some reason. So I threw away the old ones and got a new pair out. When I put the first lens in – ouch! Burning pain! So I rinsed it with some more saline solution and put it back in – more pain! I was wondering if these lenses were faulty, when I suddenly realized what was up. This evening I cooked a really great pasta with a jalapeno primavera sauce, and had diced a fresh jalapeno pepper to toss into it during the preparation. If you know anything about jalapeno peppers you know that the juice is very slow to leave your fingers! By using the same fingers that I used to hold the pepper I was inadvertently putting jalapeno pepper juice straight into my eye!

my eyes are fine by the way – though I ended up wearing glasses for the rest of the night. Just thought that was a funny story.

as for the second story, the other day Callum (who is 18 months old today!) snuck off into the corner for a bit while Yvonne and I were in the living room. After a little while we got to wondering what he was doing back there. Well it turns out that he had somehow managed to score himself a black ball point pen (which we normally keep well out of his reach) and the CFO magazine that my finance professor lent me the other day. At any rate he was happily scribbling all over the cover of my finance professor’s magazine!

so there is a good side and a bad side to this story – the bad side is that I had to buy my finance professor another magazine, but the good side is that he somehow managed to scribble all over the magazine without getting any pen on the end table beneath it! Not bad for a novice scribbler.

5 thoughts on “stories 1 & 2

  • OW OW OW jalapeno on the eyeball!!!

    I’ve gotten peroxide in mine, so yeah, ow. 🙂

  • whimpers about the eyes,but…

    heh, kids’… inventive, and highly creative. And no matter how much paper you leave out for them, they always manage to scrawl on the one piece you want in pristine condition… yay about the table though – small blessings 🙂

  • Anonymous


    Lasik surgery is a good thing. I had it done nearly 5 years ago now!


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