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Sanrio Puroland

Here’s something that for some reason (probably time) I didn’t post about when it happened. This past New Year’s Day, when we were staying in Tokyo, we visited Sanrio Puroland, an indoor theme park devoted to Hello Kitty and her friends. It was something that was on Yvonne’s bucket list. I was originally going to go into Tokyo to do something else, but why the heck not check out a whole theme park about Hello Kitty, right?

The whole area was very colorful to say the least – lots of bold pinks and pastels. The place was not very large – there were several rides, and we did them all. There was also a Gudetama (the lazy egg) theatre, and a variety of different spectacles.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was the Kawaii Kabuki (cute Kabuki) show, with Kabuki theatre actors performing alongside Hello Kitty characters. The show was actually very impressive, and the Kabuki performers seemed to take it very seriously despite the big cartoony characters they were interacting with. I was impressed.

Currently, Sanrio Puroland (among other attractions) is closed due to the coronavirus that has been impacting Japan and much of the rest of the world. Here’s hoping things return to normal soon.

A Hello Kitty manhole cover in Tama New Town approaching the building housing Sanrio Puroland.
While Sanrio Puroland was interesting to see, it was difficult to take a picture that captured the feel of the place. Here is a not-so-good picture of the Wisdom Tree in the middle of the indoor theme park.
The Gudetama the Movie show. It was bizarre to say the least.
Some of the food (including Japanese curry) at the Character Food Court.
Me and Gudetama Tamago Sushi.
At the Gudespresso joint in Gudetama Land.
Callum playing an egg cracking game in Gudetama Land.

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