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my kid kicks butt

even though Callum is only two weeks old he’s already mastered the art of kung-fu.

Clay snapped the first piece of evidence while visiting China.

Brian Dadin recently discovered that Callum has mastered the flying boot to the head maneuver.

if these photos are any indication I’d better start wearing body armor.

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28. Apr, 2003
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more pictures

for those of you who are interested, here are some more pictures of Callum. He’s a pretty active little guy. After these pictures were taken we rocked in the recliner for a bit and listened to some music and he fell asleep.


it’s been a very active week full of diaper changing and getting very little sleep every night, but it has definitely been worth it.

speaking of no sleep at night, the other night on the TCM channel I watched some silent movies and I found them eerily fascinating. It is amazing to see, on film, people who died before I was born driving cars that no longer exist (that look brand new!), answering phones that you can only find in museums and generally living very different lifestyles from our own. I also watched the World Poker Championships which I also found fascinating – the games within games that take place during poker games at that plateau are amazing. To top it all off the Discovery Channel has a show on late at night called American Chopper: The Series where you get to watch people build gnarly motorcycles! I would never want to ride a street hog (though I used to ride off-road motorbikes up north) but I do have a strange affinity for expensive machinery with lots of chrome and horsepower. If I had gobs of money I’d probably buy one just so I could look at it.

at any rate, more news later.

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25. Apr, 2003
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some more pictures

here are some more pictures of baby Callum…

on his birthday:


the day after his birth:




he is doing excellently, as is Yvonne. He is quite a handful to say the least!

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13. Apr, 2003