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homemade pizza

when I lived in Santa Clara, California there was a pizza joint down the street (within walking distance) called Pizz’a Chicago that I used to frequent quite often. They had a pizza (the Untouchables) that featured barbequed chunks of chicken, barbeque sauce and red onions that I liked a lot. So today I went crazy and made my own pizza – but I took Pizz’a Chicago’s basic three ingredients and kicked it up a couple of notches. At any rate – it turned out awesome! It was so great that I thought I’d share the recipe.

This is the recipe…

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31. Jul, 2003
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a short update

for those of you who aren’t tired of baby pictures by now:


baby and his best buddy

for those of you who ARE tired of baby pictures:


(I’m glad somebody finally found a use for spam…)

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21. Jul, 2003
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11. Jul, 2003
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a rant about STUFF

Peter and I were just now talking about “slimming down” on ICQ – about getting rid of a lot of the various “stuff” we keep around the house, neglected and gathering dust on shelves and in cupboards or rotting in bulbous Rubbermaid crates stacked in the garage, and it reminded me of this rant that I wrote after returning from eastern Europe last summer. As I never posted it to the journal for peoples’ contemplation, I thought perhaps I would do so now.

a rant about STUFF…

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02. Jul, 2003