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had to happen sooner or later

winter has officially come to Clermont-Ferrand; that is to say that this morning during my walk to school I saw a good many cars driving around covered with snow. Not just a light dusting of the stuff, mind you, but a good inch and a half of hardcore, in your face brrr powder. In the city, where I live, we didn’t see as much snow as in the suburbs (especially near the mountains, of course), but during my walk through the Jardin le Coq (a large public park in the center of town) the grass was coated with a fine layer of white.

it was nice to see!

of course, by the time Y and the kids met me for a (chilly) picnic lunch in said park, the snow had disappeared. But it will be back.

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25. Nov, 2005
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this has truly been a weekend for eating.

last night a friend had a group of friends from Lyon come for dinner, and we all had Raclette – it was awesome. Part of the fun was the way you eat it – since you basically melt pieces of cheese over ham, bread and potatoes, it takes a while to eat and you spend a lot of time sitting around talking, which is cool.

then, today, a group of us (a different group of friends) drove to the Chaudefour Valley to a friend’s father’s restaurant. The region is amazing – here is a good article describing what the region is like. The mountains and valleys were breathtaking, and surrounded by swirling mists. At the restaurant we all ate Truffades, a dish from Auvergne (this province) made with potatoes, cheese, and I’m not sure what else. It was excellent – eating at this restaurant in the countryside was extremely French – the only thing that could have made it any more French would have been if the chef (and server) had come out of the kitchen while we were eating to play the accordion. Which, of course, is exactly what he did – I think that was a first for me!

at any rate, it is experiences like these that make me very happy that I decided to take my courses here in French – along with the language comes a great deal of amazing culture. It’s the sort of education you can’t get from a book.

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13. Nov, 2005
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06. Nov, 2005
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yippy skippy

what I probably should be doing: Reviewing my Finance and Information Systems notes.

what I have been doing all afternoon: Catching up on Sluggy Freelance.

maybe this evening will be slightly more productive!

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06. Nov, 2005