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spread thin

Brian Crawfordthis afternoon I created this page on my personal web site, with links to my various profiles online – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and so on. I made it for two reasons – the first, and most obvious, is so that people who are seeking to contact me can do so in whatever way they care to. But I also realized that I usually can’t remember which handle I’ve used for each social networking site, and in fact I often can’t remember which social networking sites I’ve signed up for at all (for example, I realized just now that I have two Orkut profiles, neither of which I use, and I can’t even remember how to log onto one of them). I assume this list will grow as I remember old profiles I’ve used, or create new ones into the future.

what amazed me the most about this exercise is how many profiles the average Internet user posesses. I wouldn’t even call myself a “power social networker” and yet I have a whole page full of ways to contact me or figure out what I’ve been up to online. Aggregators, created to make sense of and unify the many profiles people maintain online, turn out to be yet another profile that users then need to keep track of.

another thing I find interesting is how different social networks vary in popularity depending on which part of the globe they’re used in. Facebook is the most popular social networking site here in the United States; Orkut in Brasil; while QQ (I don’t even know what that is!) in huge in China.

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high fashion

high fashion“let’s go to the Aquarium,” I suggested to the kids. “Why don’t you guys go pick out some clothes, and we’ll head off!”

and these are the clothes they picked out…

at any rate, we’re off to the Aquarium so Callum and Mia can stun hapless sharks into submission with their stunning array of colorful clothes. Then, this afternoon, a dentist appointment – ’cause that’s how I roll on my vacation days.

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18. Jan, 2010
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yesterday I left work a bit early to head downtown to the Gaillard Auditorium, where the Charleston Symphony Orchestra was rehearsing for this evening’s performance. A friend of mine, and a fellow Sigma Chi, is one of the directors of the symphony and, knowing my interest in violin, invited me to check out a rehearsal. I found myself a seat in the very middle of the auditorium, somewhat in front of the balcony, sat back, and watched the whole thing. For a while I was the only person in the entire audience, watching the full Symphony play their performance, just for me! Well, mostly for David Stahl, the Music Director and Conductor, who was leading them through the rehearsal, but I was there too. At any rate, it was incredible.

one of the pieces played yesterday afternoon was the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, with the Charleston Symphony’s Concertmaster, Yuriy Bekker, on lead violin. This guy put on a heck of a performance, with such amazing speed and grace with his violin (a 19th century French instrument by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume) that any sort of sound I could make come from such an instrument would sound like chickens scratching on a tin fence in comparison. Pretty daunting!

at any rate, it was a great experience to be the only guy in the audience to hear such a masterful piece of work, and not something I’ll soon forget.

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16. Jan, 2010
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a kids update

the kids are well.

(don’t worry, the update is not quite over yet!)

Callum doing some readingHere is Callum, doing some reading on the couch (probably because he was told to, to be honest! – but hey, reading is reading) in his pajamas in a quilt that Yvonne crocheted. Callum is in second grade, and progressing well. He’s big into math, science and music, which is good. Even more than these things, he’s into LEGO… for Christmas we got him the LEGO Hobby Train, which features 30 different models that you can build from one set, and he’s a big fan of that. The kit comes with one set of instructions for an attractive red and white train, and there are 29 (and possibly more) instructions that can be downloaded online.

Mia is huge into music, horses, Webkinz, horses, superheroes, and horses. She has a massive imagination – one minute she’s Hawk Girl, the next she’s Storm from X-Men, and occasionally she turns into a pegasus unicorn and flies around the house. That’s right… more than just a plain ol’ pegasus or unicorn… we’re talking a horse with a unicorn horn and pegasus wings. She is quite mighty. She’s been doing kindergarten classes; writing, colors, simple math, and the like. She also loves to read. So far, she’s not sure if she would like to grow up to be a doctor, a dentist, or “one of those check-out people at the grocery store”. Lately she’s been leaning toward the latter, but eh, she’s only four, and the grocery store is one of her favorite places – mostly because she gets to eat what she calls “stamples”!

that’s it for now! Callum and I are off to music class.

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12. Jan, 2010
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another short story

so if only because I don’t really have anything of interest to say right now, I thought I’d post another short story. This one I wrote back in 2007 for a Machine of Death story competition that I didn’t win, so before the CD-R I have it saved on cracks and I lose it forever, I’m putting it up here! Problems with the story, aside from, you know, problems with the writing itself, include the fact that the plot is too similar to that of the movie Minority Report (which in my defense I’ve never seen, so while writing this story I had no idea) and also the word CRACK!, but I’m not gonna change anything at this point.

so if you care to, you may read it here.

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04. Jan, 2010