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Hiking in Florida

Cypress trees at the Disney Wilderness PreserveLately we’ve been venturing outside for frequent family walks. We’re big fans of nature (especially Callum – he loves checking out interesting plants and trees, and growing his own garden at our place) so we will often hike into the wilderness to explore interesting ecosystems or go on a search for one of Callum’s favorite things – carnivorous plants!

Here in Central Florida there are some really nice wetlands areas to visit. I’ve written two blog posts on Mixminder documenting our visits to two of them. In February we visited the Hal Scott Preserve, where we managed to find numerous different carnivorous plants in the wild. And this past weekend we visited the Disney Wilderness Preserve, an 11,500 acre mitigation project owned by The Walt Disney Company and managed by The Nature Conservancy. We nearly got caught outside in a massive electrical storm, but fortunately we managed to escape unscathed.

It’s been great getting outside to explore and learn more about Florida’s natural ecosystems. We’re looking forward to heading out there again soon.

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Out and about with the mouse

How often can one family go to Disneyworld? We may be in the process of finding out. We live quite close to Disney’s massive expanse of property here in central Florida, and Yvonne got the family annual passes to the parks even before I arrived back from France! So we tend to hit up a Disney theme park at least once a week.

Part of the fun of living so close to Disneyworld is letting yourself get wrapped up in it. We’ve got Disney “cast members” for neighbors, participate in many of the runs that Disney hosts, and often go for walks along the Disney boardwalk or at Downtown Disney.

Dapper Day

March 9th, 2014 was Dapper Day at the Magic Kingdom. The idea is to dress dapper for an outing to the park… the way a family might have dressed for a day out at Disneyland in California when it first opened in 1955. We didn’t have a whole ton of clothes that looked like they were from the 1950s, but that didn’t stop us from dressing up to the best of our abilities for the day and parading around the park a bit.

Visiting Snow White on Dapper Day

Amelia and Callum with Snow White on Dapper Day.

Magician Mickey Mouse

Me and Magician Mickey.

Brian on Dapper Day

Me riding the carousel on Dapper Day.

International Flower and Garden Festival

Currently, the International Flower and Garden Festival for 2014 is taking place at Epcot. Callum is really into plants – he cares for quite a few of his own, and loves to learn about the various varieties of plants and how to grow them. It’s fun to visit Epcot during the festival to see the various character topiaries and to check out the different types of food they’ve got available (like the Dole Whip at the Pineapple Promenade, for example).

Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot

The topiaries behind Spaceship Earth at the Flower and Garden Festival.

Sunset at the World Showcase

I managed to catch a really nice sunset at the World Showcase. I think this was right next to the China pavilion.

While at the Flower and Garden Festival we did something I’ve always wanted to do – eat at the San Angel Inn Restaurante. That’s the restaurant located inside the Mexico pavilion, right at the back overlooking the water and the Three Caballeros ride that meanders past it. We managed to get a table right beside the water (can’t hurt to ask, can it?) so it took a while for us to finish eating… the kids spent most of the time waving to people passing by on their little boats and calling out, “┬íHola!”

Overlooking the ride at the San Angel Inn Restaurante.

Waving at people passing by at the San Angel Inn Restaurante.

At the San Angel Inn Restaurante

Callum and I at the San Angel Inn Restaurante. It was pretty dark. But I guess that’s the idea…

Hanging out at the parks

And finally…

The kids with Pluto

Callum and Amelia with Pluto. I don’t even remember where this was from.

Hollywood Studios hat

Amelia in front of the Hollywood Studios Sorcerer Mickey hat.

Riding Space Mountain

Amelia rode Space Mountain for the first time. She was brave enough to do it, but I don’t think she liked it very much!

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