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this is exciting – today our new (well, new to us) car arrived – it is a 2004 Renault Mégane (here is another picture). It had 23,000 kilometres on it, which isn’t much, really, and we got it at a great price due to having imported it from another country (those are Luxembourg tags) – so much so that if we want to sell it in France in six months, there’s a good chance we’ll get our money back, and then some. We’ll likely be using it in Ireland, however, even though the steering wheel will be on the wrong side of the car!

which reminds me, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in my journal or not, but I’ll be doing an internship at Allied Irish Banks in Dublin from May until November of this year.

anyway, we spent a good deal of today driving around lost – though I’ve walked around Clermont-Ferrand quite a bit I have never really looked at the street signs (which are normally somewhat hard to find), so you can imagine that driving around trying to find things (without a map by the way) wasn’t easy. You can use the cathedral, which is at the center of the old city, as a sort of landmark, and I vaguely know the names of the various city suburbs, but otherwise I just sort of drove around hoping to see something somewhat recognizable so that I could head in that direction (there are lots of handy street signs along the sides of the roads with arrows pointing every which way, almost porcupine-ish).

we managed to find Bébéland, where we bought car seats and an exercise toy for Amelia, and Auchan, which is sort of Wal-Mart-esque but has much better cheese (they sell beer, wine and liquour, too). We bought a full carload of stuff, mostly chestnut flavored desserts for Yvonne (she is obsessed).

I’m very happy with the car. It is one of the most European looking cars on the road (I would say the design is quite funky), and it’s got a lot of nice touches (power windows, automatic climate control, and a trip computer that counts down the kilometers until you need gas – these aren’t the fanciest of options I suppose but I’ve never had a car with that sort of thing). Also, it’s a diesel, which will be much cheaper on gas, and will make it easier to resell in the future.

nothing more exciting than that to report!

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