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my family and I are currently up in Canada and have been for the past little while – my first year of school officially ended last week of February and my father came down the following week to help us drive our stuff up to Ontario. We completed the trip a few days later – during the trip we spent nights in Roanoke, Virginia; Hershey, Pennsylvania (yup, we toured Chocolate World); and Watertown, New York.

we have been staying at a place near and/or at my parents’ place on a lake near Bancroft, Ontario (if you really want to know where it is, you can find Paudash Lake in section O28 of this map. During the first couple of weeks of March the weather was rather chilly – at one point, in fact, it hit about -17 degrees F, which is, for those of you not in the know, extremely cold! Lately, however, it has been warming up – the snow has been melting and it has been relatively nice outside, hovering at about 55 degrees F. Not South Carolina nice, but you know – Ontario nice.

here is some news – I will officially be completing my second year of school in France; at ESC Clermont in Clermont Ferrand, to be exact. I am hoping that such an endeavor will result in my eventual bilingualness, for lack of a better word. At the moment my French is rather rusty; a few business courses taken in French will hopefully solve that problem. Clermont Ferrand is located in south-central France in what is supposedly a very picturesque area (wouldn’t know, never been), which should be nice, and ESC Clermont is one of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, so I’m hoping that next year will be both fun and educational! Plus, the family will be coming with me at some point, so we should all benefit from the experience.

at the moment we are in Ottawa, and I am drinking some bubble tea from this place – actually, it’s Japanese green bubble tea sherbet, with some nice, squishy tapioca balls inside. It’s the good stuff. Truly.

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30. Mar, 2005