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Disney Skyliner

Today I checked out the Disney Skyliner (aka gondola) with a friend. There are actually two gondolas on the system; we started our trip at Hollywood Studios, transferred once, and ended it just behind the World Showcase, near the France pavilion.

The views from the gondola mostly consisted of roads, groves of trees, and parking lots, with the occasional lagoon, but it was actually really pleasant. And though there was no air conditioning in the gondola cars, the way the ventilation system works kept the cabin quite cool via airflow.

That said, the way the cabins and their sun-blocking windows were designed, it was hard to get a good picture from inside the gondolas. So here is one from the outside!

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30. Sep, 2019
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Cold drinks

Last night I went with a group of friends to ICEBAR Orlando, a place on International Drive where one of the bars is located inside a sub-zero temperature room, featuring ice sculptures, ice stools and chairs, and glasses made out of ice. The other section of the establishment is in “the warmth”, with a DJ and a regular bar. It was fun and Instagram-worthy.

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28. Sep, 2019
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Running in Paris

Amelia ran her second half marathon this morning, at Disneyland Paris! Looking forward to seeing her soon and hearing all about it!

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22. Sep, 2019
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Two guys have been working on fixing up the outside of the house here in Florida for the past week or two. Here’s one of them today, repairing a cracked pipe.

I don’t speak much Spanish, and he speaks even less English, so I haven’t been able to talk to him much. He came across as rather simple (probably because he doesn’t speak English), but very kind, positive, and hard-working. Well, it turns out a few years ago he was a neurosurgeon in Venezuela, and now he’s here doing what he can to support his family.

It was a reminder that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, especially when the book’s in a language I don’t understand.

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19. Sep, 2019
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Writing fun

Last night I attended a meeting of the Celebration Writers’ Group at the library here in town. It was the third Monday of the month, which meant one of the group members led writing activities for the other members to everyone could practice their writing skills and kick their creative juices into a higher gear.

The final activity of the evening involved writing about what happens to a secondary character when the first character has left the scene. As an example, in a given Harry Potter book, when Harry Potter goes off to Hogwarts, what might the Dursleys do? What would the day following Harry’s departure look like from Dudley’s point of view?

Most members wrote excerpts of fiction, some from the points of views of secondary characters in the stories or novels they have been working on. We were only given 20 minutes to complete the task, so I had to come up with something up pretty quickly. Here’s what I whipped up:

Six of us were standing guard upon that fateful night
I held onto a gun, but didn’t really want to fight

Honestly, I knew my boss was acting kinda shady
But I needed cash so I could take out my old lady

Me and John and his friend Ron were standing in a row
Nearby stood Jack and Wilbur, and some guy I didn’t know

My boss was in his room conducting some godawful plan
Something about a warhead, ransom money, and Japan

So anyway…

I’m standing guard, feeling bored, wishing I had some Scotch
Ron is standing near me busy scratching at his crotch

Jack and John are talking about something really deep
Wilbur’s eyes are closed, that lazy ass is fast asleep

Then suddenly I hear a shout, a gunshot, and a groan
It’s from the guy I’ve never met who’s playing with his phone

His shirt is white, but on his chest, I see a big red spot
And next to him, on Wilbur, there’s a bright red laser dot

“Look out!” I yell, and thinking fast, I dive out of the way
A hail of gunfire sounds and hot lead bullets start to spray

There’s a guy in suit and tie who’s carrying a gun
And in a British accent he says, “there’s nowhere to run!”

He shoots Ron in the head, and then his gun, it starts to click
Is he out of bullets? Or is this some sort of a trick?

Jack and John jump on him, but this British guy is fast
Somehow he breaks their necks, and time is running out real fast

Inside the room my boss is mad, and he shouts “What’s the fuss?”
“That spy is here!” shouts Wilbur, “and he’s kicking all our butts!”

Then Wilbur’s down, there’s only me, and now I’m facing death
I’m not a real henchman, I’m trained as a pastry chef

The spy, he aims, and takes a shot, and shoots me in the toe
I yell and wail like I’ve been dealt a terminal death blow

I fall, and flail, and flop around, just like a dying trout
I guess I musta fooled him ‘cause he doesn’t take me out

He left and went to kill my boss, so this is my last verse
They call me Toeless Joe now, but it could have been much worse!

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17. Sep, 2019