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out and about in the springtime

I’ve been sharing plenty of nature photos lately… pictures from leisurely walks in the woods, from lazy afternoons spent wandering the gardens of Normandy or Brittany, or even those taken from the side of the road whenever I stumble upon something noteworthy traveling from point A to point B. It seems that I’ve grown much more in tune with the earth over the past several years; I’m always happy to be outside on a beautiful day learning about nature and the plants and creatures that share our planet.

One of the best purchases we’ve made over the past couple of years has been annual passes to the Parc Botanique de Haut Bretagne (Botanical Garden of Upper Brittany)… it’s quite close to our house (near the town of Fougères in Brittany), so we frequently go there to wander around for a few miles. There are some nice areas of the park to explore, and every time we go something has changed… something has grown, or matured, or been replaced. It’s peaceful, and the kids really like it. Callum especially is into plants and gardening, and can spend hours checking out the various specimins in the carnivorous plants section of the park.

We took an afternoon trip to the park yesterday, and of course I took a few pictures… and of course I’m going to share them here.

Along the garden path

Along the garden path

The river

The river, with flowering bushes along its banks

Gardens and fields

The gardens and green fields of Brittany

The Garden of the Rising Sun

An Asian-themed garden within the Parc Florale

Bamboo grove

The bamboo grove, and the fields beyond

Flowering sarracenia

The sarracenia (a type of carnivorous pitcher plant) were blooming in the carnivorous plants garden

A strange plant at the Parc Botanique

This is a strange plant that I don’t even know what it is


A new friend I found swimming in the pond… don’t worry, I put him back!

Some kids and a statue

A couple of random kids and a statue by the garden trail

And, in the spirit of sharing photos, here are a couple of yours truly in action…

On the mic

While I’m not usually much of an entertainer, I have occasionally been known to house the crowd

Out and about

Out and about with some friends in Avranches

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