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Celebration Half Marathon

Lately, Yvonne has really been getting into running. A few years ago she ran a half-marathon in Alaska with Team In Training, a group that raises money for cancer research through sponsoring race participants. She has also completed numerous 5ks and 10ks, and she ran the Space Coast Half Marathon in Cocoa, Florida a few months ago. Now that we live near Disneyworld, there are plenty of really fun Disney runs that she’s been signing up for – as have the kids. I am very proud of them! It’s a great way to keep in shape by working toward a series of running goals.

I’ve been a runner for some time now, but I normally just run to stay in shape. I haven’t historically run a bunch of staged runs – 5ks, 10ks, and the like. That said – with Yvonne and the kids getting into amassing medals, how could I not want to join in the fun?

Last week, Yvonne and I ran the Celebration Half Marathon. This was part of an inaugural (that’s a fancy word that means “first”) marathon and half marathon event in Celebration, Florida. I was happy to be a part of this inaugural event. It was a nice run, that took place on a nice, not-too-hot not-too cold morning, that meandered its way around the town of Celebration. The marathon that accompanied the half ran a similar route, but twice… so I was much happier running the half and not the full. If I’m going to run an actual marathon I don’t want to have to see people completing their races and going after the drinks and snacks, knowing that I still have another 13.1 miles to go!

The medals for the race were quite nice (picture below), and I was impressed by the t-shirt they gave out… it is more than a simple white t-shirt; it is made of a nice meshy material that is good for running in (that I don’t know what it’s called), and is multicolored green and white. I’d post a picture of the shirt if I had one, but I don’t – you’ll just have to catch me wearing it one day.

As for recovery – Yvonne and I were both pretty sore after the race, but not overly so. We had prepared for the race beforehand, so aside from some limping around with sore calves for a day or two after the race, there were no problems with completing it and recovering from it. In fact, I was surprised that it was not more difficult to complete than it was.

And now, predictably, I’m looking for more races to sign up for. Maybe the Tower of Terror 10 miler? I hear that’s a fun one. Bring it on!

Celebration Half Marathon finish line

Me after the race. My dad took this picture – he watched the kids while we raced, and walked with them to various parts of the course to cheer us on.

Celebration Half Marathon medal

Yvonne and I after the race with our Celebration Half Marathon medals. Go us!

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When we were in Spain

There are a few pictures of the family that I meant to post to this site late last year, but never got around to doing it… so here they are.

Back when we were in Spain, we took a series of pictures by the pool at our place in Isla Plana, Murcia. We took a bunch of pictures in various locations at our condo complex as hopefuls for the back cover of our book; the top one is the one we up with and now graces the back cover. The second picture is one of Amelia and Yvonne hanging out that we also took during that session.

Yvonne and Brian in Spain

Yvonne and I by the pool in Isla Plana.

Amelia and Yvonne in Spain

Amelia and Yvonne. Amelia is pretty fabulous.

And here is a picture of Callum and Yvonne, taken inside our apartment in Isla Plana. I post this because I love Callum’s joyful expression in this one.

Callum and Yvonne in Spain

Callum and Yvonne inside our condo in Isla Plana.

It is hard to believe it’s been a full three months (and then some) since we returned from Europe. While it’s great to be back in the United States, we definitely had some tremendous experiences in France and Spain, and getting to experience different languages and cultures was great for the kids!

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