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second term

well our first Chinese class is completed – though it has only been a month, 7 hours of Chinese a day means that we wrote our midterm approximately 15 days ago and our final yesterday. It is pretty amazing how quickly the time has flown by. Already we know how to read, write and speak upwards of 300 Chinese characters. It’s the writing that is the hard part. As such, to prepare for the day after yesterday’s final (which is today), last night we had to study for a daily quiz – 27 Chinese characters. A quiz the day after a final? For me, that is an academic first. But it is worth it – every character we learn to speak and write is a step closer toward fluency.

Callum is doing very well – he is 14 months old today. He is extremely active – running around, hugging people, singing, talking (he has a limited vocabulary but he is getting there), and generally being a very sweet little man. I’ll post some pictures when I get a chance.

we live in a student apartment right next to some Argentinians who are currently partying with their friends – they sound like they are having a good time though when they get excited about something they tend to yell and scream and bang on the walls with their fists. Pretty crazy!

grilling out with my fellow students after school tomorrow – should be fun.

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