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new age fairy tales

last night I was telling stories to Callum and Mia before bedtime. Callum wanted to hear stories about trains. Mia wanted to hear stories about princesses.

so I spun a fantastic tale of how Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were having a tea party in their castle, when suddenly they heard a strange noise outside, so they snuck out of the castle through the secret back door and into the garden, with all its beautiful flowers, tall trees and hanging vines, and then out through the wrought iron garden gate, on the other side of which they found a worn set of train tracks, and then suddenly in the distance they could see the Santa Fe Super Chief approaching (!!!), with two A units and two B units, multiple passenger cars, a diner car, two dome cars and even an observation car. Strangely enough, cooped up in the castle all day, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were tiring of their non-stop tea parties and spent most of their time daydreaming about what it would be like to ride on a real train

statistics dictate that people who have two kids have about a 50% chance of having one boy and one girl. I wonder if there is a market for stories like these.

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31. Jul, 2008