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Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail

On Christmas Eve the family and I went to Disney Springs to check out the Christmas Tree Trail. This is a path with different Christmas trees decorated in the theme of various Walt Disney characters or movies. I was going to take a few pictures of the various trees along the trail, but really, it’s more fun to see them in person, so I didn’t. However, I did take a few pictures of us.

Brian Crawford and the Peter Pan Christmas tree

Me in front of the Peter Pan Christmas tree.

Disney Villains Christmas tree

Yvonne and I in front of the Disney Villains tree, trying to look villainous. I think we failed.

Disney Christmas Tree Trail

Me and the Sleeping Beauty Christmas tree.

LEGO Friends at Disney Springs

Me on the bench with LEGO Friends. So player.

And, just because I went on a Christmas Day walk in Celebration…

Celebration, Florida snowfall

The snowfall (actually soapfall) in Celebration.

Celebration, Florida lake at night

A view of Celebration from across the lake.

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26. Dec, 2017
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Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Amelia and I at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas PartySo it’s not much of a secret that we go to Disney World a lot. Considering we live right next door and have annual passes (including to the waterparks), it only makes sense to hang out there. When you live next to Disney World, the best times to go are in the evenings. You can schedule a few FastPasses in advance for some attractions you haven’t done in a while, head out after school or on a weekend evening after the afternoon crowds have died down and the Florida heat has subsided, and spend three or four hours at a park. Yvonne and I may also sometimes go to Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon during the daytime when the kids are in school to float around in the lazy river for a while and plan for our next few weeks.

A few days before Thanksgiving, Yvonne, Amelia and I went to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I hadn’t done it before so I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. It is rather expensive, but since we’re living in the area, we may as well take advantage of it!

Yvonne and Amelia had attended Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party a few weeks before, in October, which is of a similar vein. And at the Halloween party, many guests had dressed up in Halloween costumes. So we figured that for the Christmas party, many people would do the same thing. Not so. We were some of the few people who dressed up for the event! Fortunately, it wasn’t embarrassing or anything – we did stand out, but it was a good thing! They were Santa Claus dresses, and I had two crocheted Mickey Mouse ornaments on my hat that Amelia and Yvonne crafted.

It turned out to be pretty fun. There were various stands with Christmas treats including cookies (gingerbread, sugar, snickerdoodle, and mint chip), hot chocolate, eggnog, chocolate milk, Dove chocolates, hot pretzels, and shaved ice. There were also many different Disney characters in attendance to take pictures with, including some rare ones – Scrooge McDuck and Peter Pan, for example. And the characters were of course dressed up in holiday attire.

Considering its cost, it’s not something I would do every year, but we had an entertaining evening. I find the best way to have fun at a Disney park (or anywhere, for that matter) is to take advantage of what’s there and have fun. Don’t worry too much about expectations or if things aren’t going entirely smoothly. Just embrace it!

Peter Pan at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Blurry iPhone shot of meeting Peter Pan at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party.

Interesting digital background at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

The way they made the background for this photo was very interesting. A guy walked behind us with a stick of flashing LED lights that created the effect.

Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Me looking suave with Minnie and Daisy.

Santa Goofy at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Yvonne with Santa Goofy. Should I be concerned…?

Scrooge McDuck at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Me and Scrooge McDuck in holiday attire. I was hoping he’d invite me to come swim in his money bin.

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Morning tea

I’ve recently switched from coffee back to tea. I find the caffeine from tea is not quite as electrifying as that from coffee, which helps to even out energy levels. And since I used to drink a lot of Earl Grey tea before I switched to coffee, the scent of bergamot in the morning is bringing back memories of places lived and things experienced. I guess those are my deep thoughts for today.

Morning tea

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05. Oct, 2017
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I could spend hours in a craft store making up stories about the people in picture frame stock photos.

Picture frame stock photos

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02. Oct, 2017
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Rough Ridge Hiking Trail

Rough Ridge Hiking Trail skyWe’re currently at home in Central Florida, where Hurricane Irma is just now starting to make things very windy and rainy. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like the storm is going to hit the Orlando area with too much ferocity, though I feel very badly for all of the people in the Caribbean islands and to our south who have been severely impacted by the storm.

As we’re not able to do much during the hurricane, I thought it might be a good time to post some pictures I meant to post a few weeks ago from our visit to the mountains of North Carolina. While we were staying in Sugar Mountain, we visited the Rough Ridge Hiking Trail, which can be found very close to the Linn Cove Viaduct along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trail weaves upward from the highway, eventually reaching several really nice mountain lookouts.

Callum and I actually took two separate trips up the Rough Ridge Hiking Trail on the same day; one during the daytime, and one right before sunset so that I could take some photos with my Nikon. I really enjoy hiking in nature, having grown up hiking quite often in northern Ontario, and so I was very pleased to have had the opportunity to hike in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

Climbing up the Rough Ridge Hiking Trail

Climbing up the trail. Lots of boulders and tree roots to navigate along the way.

Rough Ridge Hiking Trail boardwalk

A boardwalk path a bit higher up the mountain.

Rough Ridge Hiking Trail lookout

Callum and I at a lookout along the trail.

Rough Ridge Hiking Trail sunset

Sunset at one of the lookouts along the trail.

Rough Ridge Hiking Trail phoenix

I liked how the way the clouds were illuminated by the sunset made them look a bit like a phoenix.

Brian Crawford along the Rough Ridge Hiking Trail

I dig the yellow sky in the background.

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10. Sep, 2017
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Sugar Mountain

Linville FallsCallum and I are in Sugar Mountain, North Carolina. We’re staying at a condo my parents have rented for the summer up in the mountains. It is a beautiful area! And the weather is beautiful – quite a change from the heat and humidity of Central Florida this time of year.

Today we went to Linville Falls, where Callum and I hiked up to the top of the mountain to check out the overlooks. Afterward we went to the Linn Cove Viaduct, an impressive feat of engineering built into the mountainside of Grandfather Mountain. There was a short walk up to the viaduct along the Tanawha Trail that we did that included some fun boulders to climb, and an overlook nearby that we also stopped at to take a few pictures.

Tomorrow we are doing to head to either Blowing Rock or Banner Elk, two places I’ve not yet visited. I’m looking forward to checking them out.

Callum and I at Linville Falls

Callum and I at Linville Falls.

Sugar Mountain

The view from the condo at Sugar Mountain.

Lookout near Linville Falls

A lookout near Linville Falls.

Along the Tanawha Trail

Along the Tanawha Trail near the Linn Cove Viaduct.

Mountains near the Linn Cove Viaduct

The view from the overlook near the Linn Cove Viaduct.

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24. Jul, 2017
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A rocket launch at the Kennedy Space Center

Last week I took a trip with some former co-workers to Merritt Island, Florida, home of the Kennedy Space Center. We visited the park, learned about rockets, watched an IMAX movie, and checked out the Atlantis exhibit.

When we got to the park we learned that that afternoon there was to be a rocket launch as part of the SpaceX Falcon 9 program. My friends work out of one of IBM’s United Kingdom offices, and as such had never seen a rocket launch. I live here in Central Florida, and so… well, actually, I’d never gotten myself to a rocket launch either! So we decided we’d spend the $20 to get a shuttle to a nearby (but not too nearby) viewing area to see the rocket launch.

One of the potential downsides to going to see a rocket launch is that if the launch doesn’t go through as planned for whatever reason, you’re out the money you spent to get to the viewing area. Fortunately for us the launch went mostly according to plan (it was one minute behind schedule – I can deal with that).

It was pretty amazing to see the launch. You could initially see the fire beneath the rocket and the cloud of smoke billowing out from below. Then the rocket slowly ascends into the sky. Then, some time later, you suddenly hear the incredible booming of the rocket launch, which sounds like it’s right there in front of you (though of course it’s not). The rocket climbs further into the sky and reaches its Max Q, which is the point at which the atmospheric pressure on the rocket is highest. Finally it breaks through the atmosphere, tilts in a direction (in this case east), and heads out of sight.

Taking the shuttle back to the Kennedy Space Center took a while – we sat around and had a few drinks and some snacks while we waited for the massive line to diminish. But it was definitely worth taking a trip to the viewing area to see the rocket launch, and I hope to visit the Kennedy Space Center again someday soon. It’s probably gonna happen. I got an annual pass.

Falcon 9 rocket launch

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29. May, 2017
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Colorful thoughts

Everyone went all freaky-nuts when they said Pluto wasn’t a planet, but when they started telling us indigo wasn’t a color of the rainbow, who complained? Nobody, that’s who. Well, whatever. I still love you, you crazy, mysterious non-color.

Me and the rainbow

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13. Feb, 2017
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At least now we’ll know where she is

Lilou is unsure about her present from Switzerland. 🐶 🐮 🔔

Dog cowbell

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05. Jan, 2017
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Only toddlers ride tricycles

Catrike 700 rear quarter viewYesterday I went and got myself a tricycle.

Truth be told, I haven’t ridden tricycles since I was a toddler. And more truth be told, I was never really into tricycles anyway. I preferred those little plastic cars you straddle and push along with both feet. But I definitely used to be into cycling when I was younger. I had (have) a classic Bianchi Campione d’Italia, currently stashed away somewhere up in a garage in Canada, that I used to love to ride around Toronto.

The thing about riding bikes, however, is that they never really get comfortable. I went on a few century rides (100 miles), and even after riding bikes for many years and getting accustomed to the way that you sit on and pedal a bicycle, after a few dozen miles on a bike you start to hurt, especially at those points that contact the bicycle – your lower back, your wrists on the handlebars, and yes, your tush (even with a gel seat).

It is for this reason that this time around I decided to get a recumbent bicycle – to be more precise, a recumbent tricycle. Recumbents operate like regular bicycles, but place the rider in a laid-back reclining position to ride. This helps to evenly distribute a rider’s weight along the seat, minimizing contact point stresses. During the past several months I visited a few dealers to try out a few trikes, and found them quite comfortable. In fact, other recumbent trike riders have confessed that they often feel like falling asleep in their trikes when they’re not on the move. Not only that, while riding on a traditional diamond frame (DF) bicycle often hurts the lower back, most sources I have researched indicate that riding a recumbent bicycle can help strengthen your lower back, and is very good for general back health. How cool is that?

I researched several different trike brands while deciding which trike to purchase. The three main contenders were ICE Trikes out of the United Kingdom, HP Velotechnik out of Germany, and Catrike, located right here in Florida. In the end I chose a lava red Catrike 700, a surprisingly comfortable trike with a mesh seat that was built primarily for speed. There were several reasons I chose this trike in particular. One, it is very light, and reputably very fast – I want a trike that I can keep up with other riders on traditional bikes with, as I plan to join rides with cycling clubs here in Central Florida. Another reason is that I managed to get a brand new 2016 model at a very low price. I bought the Catrike in the same community where my parents live, which is targeted toward retired folks. The people there simply don’t choose to ride speed trikes; they would prefer a trike that is easy to get in and out of and more focused on comfort over performance, like the Catrike 559, Catrike Dumont, or Catrike Villager. So the trike has been sitting on the rack in the store for some time, and they wanted to get it out of the shop so that they could replace it with something more likely to appeal to their clientele. I am not a retired person (quite yet), so I was happy to jump on the deal.

Today I went on my first official ride around my neighborhood on the Catrike 700, and it made me very happy. It has been so long since I’ve ridden a bicycle, and it was great to feel the wind in my hair (or helmet), the fresh air in my lungs, and that burn you get in your calves after a good bike workout.

Will I be back out there tomorrow? Heck yeah…

Lava red Catrike 700

2016 Lava red Catrike 700 outside our garage.

Catrike 700 top view

The view of the Catrike 700 just before you are about to trip over it.

Catrike 700 wheel reflector

The Catrike came with reflectors on its wheels, which I am definitely going to remove, but don’t worry – I will replace them with something equally safe.

Catrike 700 safety flag

I almost forgot to put the safety flag on the trike before riding. Trikes are low to the ground, so flags are very important in order to make the trike visible for car drivers.

Wearing a bicycle helmet

I had to borrow one of my kids’ bike helmets. Don’t worry, I did up the strap before riding, though I hate that feeling of something constricting your heck or chin.

Alien Workshop skateboard

My friend Pete and I also went out on a whim and got ourselves skateboards. But that’s another story…

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18. Dec, 2016