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happy holidays

here is hoping that you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season.

here’s Callum showing his love for the big guy in the red suit.

(well hey – he was teething – and the picture was just too classic to pass up!)

Merry Christmas all.

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24. Dec, 2003
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I received some good news in the mail on Friday – I have been accepted into the University of South Carolina International MBA program.

More details here…

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14. Dec, 2003
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I’m really looking forward to next Wednesday, the day that Return of the King comes out in cinemas. On the other hand, it also means that I’ll have to re-read the Return of the King novel before that date, as I have done with the previous two novels that I read before the previous two movies. It was both fun and frustrating to read the novels before watching the movies, as it was neat to see how certain scenes were translated to screen, but also frustrating to see how certain scenes were mangled or dropped from the movie altogether to appease Hollywood. But I think it’s worth doing nonetheless, as I find it difficult to read books after having seen movies containing the characters therein. For example, I’ll never be able to read a Star Wars novel without subconsciously making each character in the book sound exactly like it does in the movies. Sort of maddening.

Baby Callum has learned to pull himself to a standing position. Here is why we had to lower his crib yesterday. He’s very happy with himself and a lot of fun to play with now that he’s into absolutely everything. It is also getting difficult to change his diapers, as he’s very impatient – as soon as you place him on his back on a flat surface of any kind he immediately wants to roll over and crawl away. But it’s worth it to have such an inquisitive baby – I am sure that in the future his curious nature will make him a very fun toddler to play with.

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08. Dec, 2003
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so as I mentioned last post, Callum has learned to crawl. Yvonne and I thought that this would mean a bit of relief for his weary parents (us!) as we figured that his being able to crawl around and explore his surroundings would make him content. We were right – he’s very happy to crawl all over the house, grabbing anything he can get his hands on – but now that he’s learned to crawl it seems that he won’t truly be happy unless he finds new and fun ways to stand up on things. So he’s constantly crawling over to us, climbing into our laps, and then trying to continue his way upwards to a standing position. It seems that we spend a lot of time with him standing in our laps, often jumping happily up and down.

Here is another of baby’s newest tricks (his hair’s a bit wet there – not greasy), kneeling in front of the coffee table. Also note that he is eating the table. Pretty soon I’m sure he’ll be able to push fully up on the table to a standing position, which is likely his ultimate goal, at least until he starts trying to move around standing up. I’m sure he’ll land on his butt a few times before he masters this feat, but hey, it’s all part of growing up.

until next time…

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04. Dec, 2003