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our trip to Canada turned out to be a successful one, and upon returning to Charleston, we moved house.


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30. Mar, 2004
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yesterday Yvonne, Callum and I woke up at 4:00 AM to catch a 6:15 AM flight from Charleston to Ottawa, then drove for three hours (through some very light, peaceful snow – the first I have seen in years) to my parents’ cottage at Paudash Lake, just outside of Bancroft, Ontario.

more details here…

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19. Mar, 2004
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one man’s junk…

we just had a garage sale – and even though in the newspaper we put 7:00 AM as the time that we would start selling, we had one guy show up at 5:30 and at least 20 other people show up before 7:00 (we realized it would be this way). I only had about 3 hours of sleep before I was out there, head totally groggy and hair a mess, talking with multiple people. We had a ton of stuff to get rid of in preparation for our move to Columbia next month. Our goal was to sell: $18 worth of stuff. That was so that we could pay for the ad we put in the Post & Courier and break even. We really wouldn’t have minded too much if stuff simply disappeared from our driveway.

it turns out we made well over $700 – and if you include the things that Yvonne sold in the corporate classifieds at her company we sold over $1100 worth of things we didn’t want or don’t need. Mind you most of this wasn’t super great stuff either. So we’re currently quite happy and also totally exhausted.

some highlights included:

the free pile – where we put a bunch of worthless stuff that started disappearing before our eyes.

the sale of a life-sized ceramic cat I made when I was 10 years old. It is sort of amusing to think that my childhood craft (albiet one that was made from a mould) is now gracing the living room of some elderly lady I don’t know.

our finally ending the garage sale when most of the good stuff was gone and all that was left was random piles of non-noteworthy stuff; when 10:30 AM rolled around we began feeling guilty when people started pulling up to the curb in their SUVs – there simply wasn’t anything cool left to offer!

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13. Mar, 2004
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a walk in the neighborhood

resplendent in faded jeans and a t-shirt
a small boy rolling happily before me
rubber wheels jostling over sidewalk cracks
a mop-covered head peering over one side

cool air bitingly fresh and clean
golden reeds waving from shimmering pools
moist buds blistering on ruddy branches
freshly washed vehicles gleaming on driveways

strangers and friends smiling from passing cars
joggers panting hellos as they shamble by
small children laughing on swings and in gardens
yapping dogs greeting each other from afar

the hiss of car tires on a faraway highway
a crisp white moon peeking out of pale blue
an orange sun dipping into clumps of green
the mark of Zorro carved in white in the sky

it is baby’s first spring –
in some ways, it is mine too.

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02. Mar, 2004