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First draft completed – check!

It’s time to edit my book.

Editing is tough. When you’re initially writing your manuscript, people will tell you, “Just write. Don’t worry if you write garbage. Just get words down on paper. That’s what’s important right now. You can go back and fix it later.” So you throw words on the paper like they told you. If you can’t think of anything to write, you write anything. Anything at all.

When your first draft is done (yippee!), you go back over your manuscript and wonder what the heck you might have been on when you were writing it. That part of the story where you couldn’t figure out how to make your wedding scene poignant, so you had a bunch of pirates and ninjas jump through the window and attack your wedding party? That has to go, and now you have to make your wedding scene poignant. You don’t gain anything by writing a ten-line paragraph containing nothing but the word “gurgleshnortz”. You’ve only delayed the inevitable.

The benefit you receive from this process is clarity of purpose. Your first draft tells you what’s happening and where you’re going with your plot and character development. Once you know that, through a quickly hashed first draft, you can fill in the blanks with useful, well-written prose and cut out all those flowery words that don’t contribute to the story. You can ignore and remove the parts you don’t need and spend your precious time perfecting paragraphs that count.

I’m looking forward to concentrating on my edits and building a solid story as I go. I’m not looking forward to fixing that paragraph full of gurgleshnortz. No idea what I’m going to do with that one.

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