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life in parts

part 1: Chinese food n00b

today at lunch while eating Chinese food I squeezed the little plastic tub of sweet & sour sauce a bit too forcefully and it cracked open and a’sploded on me.

later, while chuckling at myself for splattering myself with sweet & sour sauce, I accidentally ate my fortune.

part 2: by the way

I have in fact eaten Chinese food before!!

part 3: charismatic dudes

this evening at the nearby Barnes & Noble, Jenna Bush is doing a book-signing for her new book. While I was over there this afternoon the secret service vacated the building and then let everyone back in after going through security checks. I was amazed at how charismatic and friendly these guys were (I’m not being sexist, I just didn’t see any women among them). They were apologetic for the inconvenience caused, very polite and friendly, and I even saw them buying coffees for the local police force who were in attendance. I learned a thing or two from them.

part 4: five little pumpkins

can be heard here.

part 5: and speaking of Chinese

I’ve been back to studying Chinese every day. It’s a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Today I spoke to the lady serving Chinese food at the local HEB (where I bought lunch) and managed to understand most (albiet not all) of what she said!

one good resource for learning languages is Livemocha, which is a community site with language resources for learners. The online lessons are well put together, and free! Highly recommended.

part 6: yes it’s a total waste of time

and I got my warrior in World of Warcraft to level 50!

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16. Oct, 2007
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I really like fruity salsa. The other day I had some peach mango salsa, and today it’s raspberry chipotle. Note that these are spicy salsas – none of that “mild” stuff. The combination of sweet and spicy really agrees with me.

and in other news, there is no other news!

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11. Oct, 2007