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mindwipe mixes

I am very pleased with myself because I just found the original version of Mindwipe, a song I created a year or two ago after I got my second synthesizer. I never put it on mp3.com (since it contains some samples that are not my own) so it sort of fell by the wayside until I found it earlier this evening. I put it online as well as the rave mix of the same song (which most people have probably already heard). It has a too-long intro (since I wanted it to be readily mixable) and is somewhat repetitive but I think it is rather cool.

Here is the original song, and here is the rave mix.

these files are of course free of viruses.

In case you are interested, here is the album cover.

hearing Mindwipe makes me want to fix my SCSI problems and finish a few songs I previously put on the back burner. Maybe I’ll do that after I wipe my hard drive and reinstall my OS sometime this week.

P.S. Happy holidays everyone. I hope they are very special.

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24. Dec, 2002
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I am a sad individual

I can’t help it. I really like BMW 3 series coupes. I’m not a yuppie and I’m not TERRIBLY image conscious (maybe just a bit). But basically these cars are really really fun to drive and I really like them!! AND they just got a facelift that I think is quite sporty and nice and now I want one even more than before! Chris Bangle (the head designer at BMW) has lately created what a lot of BMW fans feel are bad designs (see the new 7 series for the prime example). But I personally think this one looks quite sporty and has headlight clusters that will nicely complement the new 5 series that is due out next year.

here are some pictures of the facelift in case you are interested:

one, two, three (the convertible) and four (also the convertible).

in case you are not aware of it (most people are because I talk about cars all the damn time and probably drive most of you up the wall), we almost purchased one of these cars earlier this year (a 2002 titanium silver 325Ci). We ordered it, paid $1000 down, and were awaiting its production in Munich when the dealer (Rick Hendrick BMW) called us up and demanded $500 extra dollars (for no reason). Since we thought this was utter BS, we called off the deal – but I still really want the car. The time is no longer right to buy a new car, but one day – oh yes – it shall be mine!!

thanks for listening – I’ll shut up about cars for a while –

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21. Dec, 2002
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Two Towers was definitely better the second time (by many degrees).

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21. Dec, 2002
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Lord of the Rings

we just returned from seeing the Two Towers. What did I think?

expect major spoilers in here…

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18. Dec, 2002
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on music

I’d really like to get back to making some music – I haven’t done that for quite some time. I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time studying and haven’t been composing (or writing any fiction) lately.

one problem I have had is that after “upgrading” my computer from Windows 98 to 2000, it started sending all sorts of weird garbage data to my synthesizers. I think it has something to do with lacking proper termination on my SCSI chain (but my MIDI controller should have fixed that).

I’ve been thinking of purchasing a Mac laptop that I could use to create music and also take to live shows (at the moment all I have is a desktop unit that would be a hassle to lug around to performances). Maybe next year…

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16. Dec, 2002
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time for a game

hey, I took some pictures of our living room because I’ve been telling friends at work about how great it looks. I went nutty and painted one wall of the house a very dark reddish-brown shade (the actual name of the color is Terre Haute Red – having never been to Terre Haute I can’t verify whether or not the town truly is that color). The other walls around this wall I had previously painted a tan color (Lindhurst Gallery Beige – also note that I’ve never been to the Lindhurst Gallery, but hey, nice beige).

I think it looks swell, so I thought I’d put some before and after pictures up. Note that the paint doesn’t quite match the furniture (which I got from my parents when they moved from a house to a condo – it is pastel pink and blue in typical Florida fashion). Also note that the pictures didn’t turn out super bright, but you can handle that (maybe).



since the before and after pictures are taken a year or more apart, there are numerous differences between them, so if you want to you can play some PHOTO HUNT (also known in some circles as TOFU HUNT)! Lucky you! Go ahead and find the differences.

Click here for answers!

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10. Dec, 2002