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it is interesting to see Chinese characters now that I have been studying them for a while. A lot of Chinese art has characters painted upon it – to actually know what something means when I see it is a lot of fun.

for example, today Yvonne found a small candle with a steel plate upon which a Chinese character was engraved. She took it to me and asked, “hey what does this mean?” I had seen the candle before of course – I had assumed the figure meant peace or love or harmony. But when I looked at it today, I saw ‘and’, because the character on the candle was the Chinese character for ‘he’ which is ‘and’.

now I do know that if you add the ‘ping’ at the end, ‘he ping’ does become ‘peace’. But I think that alone, ‘he’ simply means ‘and’. So there are a bunch of people with artsy looking candles in their living rooms with ‘and’ stamped on them.

just thought that was interesting – it’s like opening a little window to a different world.

06. Feb, 2004


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