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yesterday Callum got his hair cut! Now instead of looking like a little sheepdog, he looks like a little boy.

here is a picture from yesterday, and one from this evening.

he turns 10 months in 2 days – it is amazing how time flies.

in other news, we have been cleaning our house and packing a great deal of our belongings in preparation for the move to Columbia in April or May. We have been pretty good about getting rid of things we don’t need – where ordinarily we might hoard something for the sake of hoarding, now we are putting a lot of things in the sell or give away pile that is rapidly spreading throughout our garage.

6 thoughts on “snip

  • Haha, great! He’s got a good head of hair on him. Cute kid, really growing fast too!

  • Nice pics. Time flying was on my mind yesterday, too.

    I’ve been married over 8 years now, and it really doesn’t seem like all that long ago. I was thinking how much growing and changing a kid does in 8 years. Yikes. Even that first year only exists for a relative blink of an eye. Definitely want to pay attention.

  • If you find you don’t have room for the tiBook, throw it this way (-;


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