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a walk in the neighborhood

resplendent in faded jeans and a t-shirt
a small boy rolling happily before me
rubber wheels jostling over sidewalk cracks
a mop-covered head peering over one side

cool air bitingly fresh and clean
golden reeds waving from shimmering pools
moist buds blistering on ruddy branches
freshly washed vehicles gleaming on driveways

strangers and friends smiling from passing cars
joggers panting hellos as they shamble by
small children laughing on swings and in gardens
yapping dogs greeting each other from afar

the hiss of car tires on a faraway highway
a crisp white moon peeking out of pale blue
an orange sun dipping into clumps of green
the mark of Zorro carved in white in the sky

it is baby’s first spring –
in some ways, it is mine too.

8 thoughts on “a walk in the neighborhood

  • Nice.

    One almost can’t help but be creative when the weather’s like this. I’ve got a powerful urge to get out and photograph.


  • nice poem. 🙂

    I’m sorry this is off-topic, but, I was wondering… I was disappointed to find that, after spending an hour thinking and composing an entry on one of your previous discussions, that I had been locked out of it. And I was wondering, if that’s how you wanted things, why you hadn’t simply removed me from your friends list altogether?

    • good heavens!!

      I am afraid I have totally given you the wrong idea – this is the reason that I removed the post:

      I very rarely post my opinions on LJ, and the one day I do, someone I consider a friend decides he doesn’t like my opinion and removes me from his friends list. I was really sad about losing a friend so I removed the post.

      considering I really appreciated your comments and was really enjoying the discussion, and considering I shouldn’t let one person sway me from posting what I want, I’m going to unlock that post again. I’m really sorry that I gave you the wrong impression, I really do appreciate the time you took to post! It was my mistake.

      please respond to this if you could, to let me know that you have read this!

      • Wow, I’m sure glad I asked! I assumed it was much more likely that I had been dropped than that you had decided to remove the entire discussion. Guess I was wrong… I apologize for not giving you more benefit of the doubt.

        I read filidh’s post… and I’m sorry to hear that you were un-friended by someone you considered a friend… FWIW, I didn’t think what you posted amounted to anything so egregious as what he (she?) seemed to be upset about. But, I don’t know. So… I hope it all works out in the end.



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