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had to happen sooner or later

winter has officially come to Clermont-Ferrand; that is to say that this morning during my walk to school I saw a good many cars driving around covered with snow. Not just a light dusting of the stuff, mind you, but a good inch and a half of hardcore, in your face brrr powder. In the city, where I live, we didn’t see as much snow as in the suburbs (especially near the mountains, of course), but during my walk through the Jardin le Coq (a large public park in the center of town) the grass was coated with a fine layer of white.

it was nice to see!

of course, by the time Y and the kids met me for a (chilly) picnic lunch in said park, the snow had disappeared. But it will be back.

One thought on “had to happen sooner or later

  • You know, I never caught where you’re living now, why, and what you’re in school for.

    I’m behind on the times.


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