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some pictures

Yvonne took a great picture today and I just had to put it online – although it’s blurry and uncropped, it is worth a thousand words when it comes to summing up what it’s like to be the parent of two crazy kids… here it is!

now that I’m in picture sharing mode, here a few more to scope out:

  • here is a recent picture of Mimsy in the process of moving from a seated to a crawling position
  • romantic walks along the Seine? Not when you’re in Paris with your kids!
  • speaking of which, here’s a picture of me and the mouse (at Disneyland Paris)
  • finally, here’s our cottage in the winter, taken by my dad a month or two ago.
  • April 24th is my last examination – after that, we’re off to Dublin!

    8 thoughts on “some pictures

    • Omigosh they have gotten so big!! I LOVE the picture on the seesaw with the Eiffel Tower in the background – that is the coolest thing ever 🙂

    • Wow, amigo… I’m feeling old and nostalgic all at once. How fast will the years fly until your kids are the age that you and I were when we met?

      I’d guess you can imagine the half-sad-smile on my face just now.

    • that’s the cutest!!

      I hope you love Dublin, we really enjoyed our time there.

    • They are so adorable, B! Very cute. Good luck on your last exam and have a wonderful time in Dublin!!

    • Let me know when you want me to come visit Dublin and I’ll start making plans. 🙂

      • definitely… I’ve been waiting until I get there to figure that out, since I don’t know if or when I have days off… but hopefully if we plan for the late summer or early fall, it won’t be too expensive? Who knows…


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