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for the past several months we’ve been letting Mia’s bangs grow out. As such, her hair’s been looking like that of a shaggy dog lately, hanging down over her eyes for most of the day… we’ve been using barrettes and bows in her hair to keep it out.

anyway, yesterday we took Mia (who turned five a few days ago, by the way… happy birthday to Mia!) to get her hair cut, and I got the hairdresser to cut her hair so that it was all the length of her newly-grown out bangs. As a result she had five or six inches cut off the back. It was a bit of a risk, but I must admit… she looks great! Here’s a picture of her new haircut; meanwhile she is wearing a dress that Yvonne made for her:

Mia's short haircut

note that you can see her missing tooth in this picture… as I mentioned in this post we had to have one of her front teeth removed, and as she’s only just turned five she’ll be missing a tooth for the next two or three years! Albeit it certainly does add to her “character”. Here’s another picture of her haircut.

meanwhile, Callum has a Portal (the video game) addiction… while he’s unable to play certain levels (he’s only just turned seven), he’s played the ones he can play over and over… and frequently says things like “hey, remember that part of Test Chamber 17 where you have to do this?” Anyway it’s a friend’s birthday tonight, and we’re going over to their house for a party, so I asked the kids to decorate a paper bag, one side each, with “whatever you like”… and this was what Callum drew:

Portal bag

so… there’s that.

finally, the other week I got a new computer – a 17″ i7 MacBook Pro! I’m extremely pleased with it, so much so that here’s a picture of me loading software on it! The kids are in the background laughing at – yes – a YouTube video of some guy mucking around with Portal turrets.

New Mac

2 thoughts on “faaaaaaaabulous

  • Yessss Portal! Can’t wait till the second one comes out sometime this year, or next year, or whenever they stop pushing the date back :). Hope you guys are doing well! Lauren and I are thinking of you back here in South Carolina!

    • I know – it will be sweet!!

      The Portal 2 wiki page indicates that the release date is currently scheduled for April 18, 2011. I can’t wait… and I know the kids can’t either.


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