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When we were in Spain

There are a few pictures of the family that I meant to post to this site late last year, but never got around to doing it… so here they are.

Back when we were in Spain, we took a series of pictures by the pool at our place in Isla Plana, Murcia. We took a bunch of pictures in various locations at our condo complex as hopefuls for the back cover of our book; the top one is the one we up with and now graces the back cover. The second picture is one of Amelia and Yvonne hanging out that we also took during that session.

Yvonne and Brian in Spain
Yvonne and I by the pool in Isla Plana.
Amelia and Yvonne in Spain
Amelia and Yvonne. Amelia is pretty fabulous.

And here is a picture of Callum and Yvonne, taken inside our apartment in Isla Plana. I post this because I love Callum’s joyful expression in this one.

Callum and Yvonne in Spain
Callum and Yvonne inside our condo in Isla Plana.

It is hard to believe it’s been a full three months (and then some) since we returned from Europe. While it’s great to be back in the United States, we definitely had some tremendous experiences in France and Spain, and getting to experience different languages and cultures was great for the kids!

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