Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day! 📦📦📦

People often ask me if I still celebrate Boxing Day now that I’m here in the States. Growing up, Boxing Day wasn’t something you celebrated. In fact, I still don’t know what the heck Boxing Day is really supposed to be all about. At home, Boxing Day was more like the Canadian version of Black Friday. When I was Callum and Amelia’s age I’d take the subway downtown with my friends Phil and Rob to the Toronto Eaton Centre which, according to Wikipedia, is North America’s busiest shopping mall, so you can imagine what the crowds were like on Boxing Day. We’d roam the mall looking for deals (I was big into Le Château and Polo) before walking north along Yonge Street to Starsound to browse for new music. I had a leather jacket thing as a teen, and I’m pretty sure whenever I bought a new leather jacket, it was on Boxing Day. But shopping aside, for me, while Christmas was all about spending time with your family, Boxing Day was all about hanging out downtown with your friends.

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