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a trip to Disneyworld

the week before we took the family to Disneyworld. It was of course pretty fun, and everyone had a great time. Some of the highlights included riding the monorail around and around, meeting up with my sister (who lives in Tampa) and her daughter, doing the Princess dinner at Norway in the World Showcase at Epcot, and eating at a variety of character dinners. We also went on a whole bunch of rides – Callum really liked Expedition Everest, the roller coaster that features the elusive yeti. Mia, on the other hand, wasn’t so keen on the Tower of Terror or Splash Mountain. Maybe in a few years.

a personal highlight was watching the International Space Station pass over central Florida on April 28th. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, having never seen it, but I certainly didn’t expect it would be so bright and clear. I waved; not sure if anybody up there waved back.

of course we took a bunch of pictures while we were there, and so of course I’m going to post a few here (clicking on them makes them bigger).

Obligatory picture of me hanging with Mickey Mouse. Looks like he’s about to do some farming.

Me hanging with Mickey Mouse

Callum, Von, and Mia hanging out at Disneyworld. Oh no wait, that’s not Von, that’s Pluto.

The kids and Pluto

Callum and one of his favorite things – the Disneyworld monorail. Callum actually loves monorails even outside of Disneyworld… one of his favorite movies (perhaps tied with the first Harry Potter movie for first place) is a documentary called High Tech Monorails.

Callum and the monorail

The kids outside the LEGO store at the Disney Marketplace. Those aren’t real dogs. They’re made of LEGO. FYI.

The kids and some LEGO dogs

Callum and Mia with Goliath from JoJo’s Circus. If you don’t know what JoJo’s Circus is that’s probably okay. I almost got into a fight with Goliath because I kept calling him “Dudester the Lion”. Well okay that’s not really true, but that would have been pretty funny.

Dudester the Lion

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how to get kids to do their chores

Optimus Prime meets Ronald Reaganhow to get the kids to do their chores in the Crawford household:

  1. Issue the order something like this: “Autobots, <perform action>!!” (some viable examples: ‘roll out’, ‘clean room’, ‘eat dinner’)
  2. The kids will ask you, “what Transformer are you?”
  3. You answer, “I’m Optimus Prime!” (authoritative voice optional)
  4. Chain of command is established. The kids will defer to your authority and complete requisite action, unless either or both of them happen to be Decepticons, in which case:
  5. Chore will not be completed. Laser battle will ensue.

it’s not perfect. But it’s better than bribery.

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28. Mar, 2010
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Callum and his violin

Callum and his violinCallum, who is 6 (now almost 7), has been taking weekly violin lessons since last fall with some music teachers who give lessons out of their home in Mt. Pleasant. He’s been practicing (nearly) every day, and seems to really enjoy playing the instrument – not only that, but he’s getting quite good at it – he’s not a pro by any means, but his practice has been paying off. His note reading has been improving, and he’s been learning a lot about music theory.

Callum's songthe other day Callum was completing a writing assignment in his notebook – as part of his schooling we often give him a set of words to write about, and he’ll write a story about the words, or describe them, or something similar. At any rate, on this day he was writing, and started to hum to himself, and ended up composing a little song. He wrote the song from his head on his writing paper – not by using the actual notes (A, B, C#, D, E, F# etc), but by indicating how many fingers to put down on each string of the violin – so A1 is the first finger down on the A string, A2 is the first two fingers, etc. You can see the song he wrote in this picture.

when I got home from work Callum got out his violin and played the song he’d composed for me. It wasn’t the Magic Flute, of course, but I must admit I was pretty impressed, mostly at the fact that he had the gumption to go ahead and think up a song and write it down. When he asked Yvonne if it was okay that he included that as a part of his writing assignment, she said “of course!” – and I agree, I wholeheartedly encourage this sort of experimentation. I think it is a great sign – and if he keeps it up, his skills and creativity in this area will certainly improve.

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high fashion

high fashion“let’s go to the Aquarium,” I suggested to the kids. “Why don’t you guys go pick out some clothes, and we’ll head off!”

and these are the clothes they picked out…

at any rate, we’re off to the Aquarium so Callum and Mia can stun hapless sharks into submission with their stunning array of colorful clothes. Then, this afternoon, a dentist appointment – ’cause that’s how I roll on my vacation days.

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18. Jan, 2010
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a kids update

the kids are well.

(don’t worry, the update is not quite over yet!)

Callum doing some readingHere is Callum, doing some reading on the couch (probably because he was told to, to be honest! – but hey, reading is reading) in his pajamas in a quilt that Yvonne crocheted. Callum is in second grade, and progressing well. He’s big into math, science and music, which is good. Even more than these things, he’s into LEGO… for Christmas we got him the LEGO Hobby Train, which features 30 different models that you can build from one set, and he’s a big fan of that. The kit comes with one set of instructions for an attractive red and white train, and there are 29 (and possibly more) instructions that can be downloaded online.

Mia is huge into music, horses, Webkinz, horses, superheroes, and horses. She has a massive imagination – one minute she’s Hawk Girl, the next she’s Storm from X-Men, and occasionally she turns into a pegasus unicorn and flies around the house. That’s right… more than just a plain ol’ pegasus or unicorn… we’re talking a horse with a unicorn horn and pegasus wings. She is quite mighty. She’s been doing kindergarten classes; writing, colors, simple math, and the like. She also loves to read. So far, she’s not sure if she would like to grow up to be a doctor, a dentist, or “one of those check-out people at the grocery store”. Lately she’s been leaning toward the latter, but eh, she’s only four, and the grocery store is one of her favorite places – mostly because she gets to eat what she calls “stamples”!

that’s it for now! Callum and I are off to music class.

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12. Jan, 2010
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happy first birthday Mimsy!!

let them eat cake…

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