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how to get kids to do their chores

Optimus Prime meets Ronald Reaganhow to get the kids to do their chores in the Crawford household:

  1. Issue the order something like this: “Autobots, <perform action>!!” (some viable examples: ‘roll out’, ‘clean room’, ‘eat dinner’)
  2. The kids will ask you, “what Transformer are you?”
  3. You answer, “I’m Optimus Prime!” (authoritative voice optional)
  4. Chain of command is established. The kids will defer to your authority and complete requisite action, unless either or both of them happen to be Decepticons, in which case:
  5. Chore will not be completed. Laser battle will ensue.

it’s not perfect. But it’s better than bribery.

28. Mar, 2010

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