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last night our “coworkers and friends” crew went to Frank’s place and rolled our own sushi. It was really really fun. My favorites were the “rice on the outside” rolls, which were loaded with sticky rice and jam packed with crab meat, avocado, cucumber and carrot. We also made “rice on the inside” rolls which were a little bit harder to create but ended up more visually appealing when completed correctly.

after the sushi Frank made two different drinks – Turkish coffee (which is made from very finely ground coffee and sugar mixed with water, with no straining involved at all) and Kashmir tea (with ground cinnamon, saffron and cardamom). What with the sushi from Japan, the Italian sausage (for the non-sushi eaters), the after dinner drinks from Turkey and India, Newcastles from England and a squeeze-bottle of French’s Mustard from France (well uh – actually, that’s a bit of a stretch) it was a thoroughly multicultural evening.

some pictures will be forthcoming; perhaps I will post them when they are online, but it is more likely that Christopher will do so when he has access to them.

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