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this week, our good friend Nafees is in town. Last year, Nafees won a SciTech Academy Award for his work with fluid dynamics, in particular the work he did for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (which I haven’t actually seen yet – I guess I should). As such, he has been getting quite a bit of local press here in Charleston (having graduated from Academic Magnet High School and the College of Charleston, where we took classes together in Computer Science). And, while he’s back in town (he currently lives and works at Digital Domain in California) he has been invited to give a few presentations.

this morning, Nafees gave a presentation at Academic Magnet, his aforementioned high school. At lunchtime he gave a presentation to the Charleston PMI chapter, of which I am a member (being a PMP). Then, later this afternoon, he gave a presentation at the auditorium at the College of Charleston. Busy schedule.

I attended the latter two presentations, and was impressed by his ability to cover interesting subject matter in different ways, targeted toward different people. There were some great videos from Digital Domain that I wish I could link too, here! Nafees is a good friend (and very smart) and it’s great to see how his hard work has paid off.

plus, he had a great slide of some pandas.

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