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Summer and fall in Victoria

It’s Christmastime in the Czech Republic, though to be honest, I haven’t really noticed due to the ongoing pandemic. In fact, aside than staying in the apartment and going for runs and walks in nearby Folimanka Park and VyŇ°ehrad, I haven’t been anywhere noteworthy since returning to Prague. We continue to have groceries delivered to our building, and I certainly don’t want to venture inside any restaurants until the pandemic is over – I’ve been taking it seriously. But I don’t mind. It’s been nice to have some quiet time for work, writing, and studying language (which I have been doing without fail for at least an hour every day since November 1st, which makes me feel quite pleased and accomplished).

I spent most of the summer and fall in Victoria, British Columbia with Amelia. Growing up in Toronto I often heard stories about the beauty of Vancouver Island, and of course about how they hardly get any snow in Victoria (which, having grown up in very snowy Ontario and Quebec, seemed almost unreal to me as a kid). And the stories were true – we had a lovely time in Victoria, the people were super nice, and it seems like a great place to live. That said, there is snow on the ground in Victoria right now!

Here are some pictures from Victoria that I didn’t post while I was there.

It’s me in Victoria! I spent a lot of time outside.
Taken while on a run along Dallas Road, on the Pacific coast. I exercised outside often while staying in Victoria. It was great to be so near the coast.
Some hearts I found along the beach at Dallas Road while on a run. During the pandemic many people displayed hearts on their windows, while others flew Canadian-like flags where the red maple leaf in the center was replaced by a heart.
A statue of Terry Fox, a well-known Canadian icon who embarked on an east-to-west run across Canada to raise money and awareness for cancer research. This statue can be found at Mile 0 of the Trans-Canada Highway by the southern coast in Victoria.
A neat little community garden I found. I love community gardens.
Downtown Victoria, near the provincial capital.
This (modern) bookstore in downtown Victoria had a collection of antique books for sale, some from the early 1900s. It was like taking a trip down memory lane! But not my memories – I’m not quite that old.
There were so many Volkswagen vans on Vancouver Island. Very west coast.
Amelia trying on uniforms at her new school. Very exciting!
Even the buses in Canada are polite.
At a sportswear store in Saanich.
Amelia in a mask. We were about to eat takeout from a noodle restaurant at a picnic table outside. It was so fun to be able to hang out with her.
Haze from the wildfires burning in the northwestern United States.
The wildfire haze was predominant in southwestern British Columbia this year. The sky would often appear very yellow.
After returning to Prague, I remained in quarantine at the apartment for two weeks. These workers were painting the walls of the neighboring building every day.

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