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Independence Day weekend was quite fun. We took a trip to Charleston to attend a baby shower at Pete‘s house for our friends David and Ana, who are to have a baby girl in September. After the baby shower was a cookout featuring many old friends. Richard took a pretty good picture of Callum while at the cookout – here it is. Callum has grown quite a bit since I last posted a picture as you can see – he is now approaching 15 months old. He is a ton of fun! He knows quite a few words, though he still can’t speak most of them. He is learning to point at things that you ask him to find (for example, if you say ‘where’s the dog?’ he can point to a picture of a dog – sometimes) and to recognize parts of his body (he is currently very into his belly, and if you say ‘where’s your belly?’ he will pull up his shirt and show it to you). He’s also into absolutely everything he can get his hands on – he has definitely reached that stage.

our Chinese class final is Friday. Just today we had our second to last lesson (Thursday will be a review day). A whole slew of confusing grammar was sprung upon us this morning – my head is still boggling from the hit. Hopefully this afternoon will not be quite so confusing! After the final we will have a week or so of holiday, and then orientation and business core classes shall begin in earnest. Next week we shall be moving to a townhouse very close to Five Points (just south of Blossom on Saluda) so that shall certainly keep us busy for the next week or two.

that is all for now!

06. Jul, 2004


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