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improv recital

our beginners improv class is over. It culminated in a recital that family and friends were invited to attend. It turned out that the family and friends of our class packed the house! At any rate we were all quite nervous about doing an improv show before it actually started – since we’d only had 7 classes and were still quite new at the sport – but it turned out very well and I think it was a real confidence booster for our class. You could tell that our group was very tightly knit and that we had excellent chemistry going on. Afterwards we went to Vickery’s and drank a few cold ones while talking about our plans to continue to practice improv. I think our teacher, Greg, will also be teaching an intermediate improv class in January, so it’s likely that we’ll be participating in that.

here is a picture of our improv class right before the show.

06. Nov, 2002


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