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life in parts

part 1: Chinese food n00b

today at lunch while eating Chinese food I squeezed the little plastic tub of sweet & sour sauce a bit too forcefully and it cracked open and a’sploded on me.

later, while chuckling at myself for splattering myself with sweet & sour sauce, I accidentally ate my fortune.

part 2: by the way

I have in fact eaten Chinese food before!!

part 3: charismatic dudes

this evening at the nearby Barnes & Noble, Jenna Bush is doing a book-signing for her new book. While I was over there this afternoon the secret service vacated the building and then let everyone back in after going through security checks. I was amazed at how charismatic and friendly these guys were (I’m not being sexist, I just didn’t see any women among them). They were apologetic for the inconvenience caused, very polite and friendly, and I even saw them buying coffees for the local police force who were in attendance. I learned a thing or two from them.

part 4: five little pumpkins

can be heard here.

part 5: and speaking of Chinese

I’ve been back to studying Chinese every day. It’s a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Today I spoke to the lady serving Chinese food at the local HEB (where I bought lunch) and managed to understand most (albiet not all) of what she said!

one good resource for learning languages is Livemocha, which is a community site with language resources for learners. The online lessons are well put together, and free! Highly recommended.

part 6: yes it’s a total waste of time

and I got my warrior in World of Warcraft to level 50!

4 thoughts on “life in parts

  • Secret service folks were pretty nice when they were hanging out at the hospital in Boston during the democratic national convention in 2004. Though, we were the ones who got them coffee. We always tended to get the big cartons of Dunkin Donuts for night shifts anyhow.

  • I couldn’t figure out how to comment under the Pumpkin song, so I do it here. Aw man! He is just the sweetest little pumpkin eva! You’re a lucky man dude 🙂


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