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Vancouver 2010 Olympics medals per capita, final tally

Sidney Crosby at the 2010 Olympicsa few days ago while the 2010 Olympics were in progress I posted this tally of how many Olympic medals countries were earning per million people, to help to gauge how countries were performing compared to the number of potential athletes available to choose from. Now that the Olympics are over I’ve updated the tally, and here it is:

  1. Norway: 23 medals, 4,769,274 population, 4.823 mpm (medals per million)
  2. Austria: 16 medals, 8,344,319 population, 1.917 mpm
  3. Sweden: 11 medals, 9,220,986 population, 1.193 mpm
  4. Canada: 26 medals, 33,311,389 population, 0.781 mpm
  5. Germany: 30 medals, 82,140,043 population, 0.365 mpm
  6. Korea: 14 medals, 48,607,000 population, 0.288 mpm
  7. France: 11 medals, 62,048,473 population, 0.177 mpm
  8. United States: 37 medals, 304,059,724 population, 0.122 mpm
  9. Russian Federation: 15 medals, 141,800,000 population, 0.106 mpm
  10. China: 11 medals, 1,325,639,982 population, 0.008 mpm

and just for fun, here’s a quick chart that gives a graphical representation of how it turned out:

2010 Olympic medals per capita

I realize that the results are skewed – some countries have a lot more snow than other countries, and therefore a lot more of an interest in winter sports – but regardless, I found this an interesting exercise. At any rate I’m pretty pleased at Canada’s performance on a per capita basis during these Olympics, though you can see from the chart that Norway totally crushed it!

02. Mar, 2010


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