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the value of value

it is interesting that some things have tremendous value well beyond their buying price, and other things have negative value that exceeds even the money you wasted to buy them.

for example, I bought some decent Thule roof-mount ski racks for my (then) Honda station wagon while living in Canada, to use on ski trips. However I don’t think I ever used these racks before moving down to the States soon after – to South Carolina, where I have never skiied. So I wasted $80 (or thereabouts) on these racks. However, the fact that I have moved 4 or 5 times since coming to the States and have lugged these heavy ski racks around (I no longer have the Honda they were attached to) each move means that I have wasted well beyond the $80 or so that I used to buy the racks in time and effort.

on the other hand, other items have great positive value. For example, my computer. Well let’s take another example so that I don’t sound like a big dork. When Callum was born we used to carry him around on a Baby Bjorn baby carrier. We borrowed this carrier from Yvonne’s sister, so we didn’t have to pay anything for it at all. But considering we used it practically every day for three or four months to tote Callum around while at home or out and about – and considering how much he liked to be carried this way and how it kept him from fussing – we got a great deal of use out of it, well beyond the nothing that we paid for it! Perhaps this is a bad example, to use something that we didn’t have to pay for – of course we got more value out of it than we put in. But surely you can think of many other examples of this phenomenon that occur within your own lifestyle.

06. May, 2004


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