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writing again

lately I’ve been getting back into writing fiction, something that for many years was part of my daily routine, but for the last several years (or maybe more than several) has been decidedly cut out.

it feels great to be back to it, though I’m sorely out of practice! I can’t say I’m altogether disappointed with the results however, and that’s because I’m not taking myself too seriously; my main goal is to get back into proper “writing shape” by reading a bunch and putting words down on paper. Maybe after a few hundred pages I’ll start criticizing myself more and getting some proper feedback, but for now, rediscovering the fun of writing is the reason I’m doing it.

that said, in the coming weeks (or maybe days?) I’m planning on sharing my latest project with friends! I’ll be doing it on a Drupal site (that I created partially because I wanted to share my book, but perhaps mostly because I wanted to learn how to use Drupal, thanks to my good friends Lynette and Earl). I’ll be writing a chapter at a time, and posting each one to my site as I come up with it.

more about that when I’ve finished the the first installment! As I mentioned, I’m not exactly in proper writing form, so it may take a while to get going… but I’ll get there!

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