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people who rock

you know who really rock are the ladies at work who are “garage walkers”. Every day or so they exercise by walking up and down our 6 floor downtown parking garage. What rocks about these people is that there is a perfectly nice _outside_ for them to walk around in and get some fresh air, but they apparently prefer walking up and down a smelly parking garage choked with exhaust fumes. I suppose I can see how walking up the elevation provided by the ramps between floors would provide good exercise for ones’ legs, especially considering how living in Charleston there is hardly any elevation anywhere else in the region, but still. That can’t be lungtastic.

guess I shouldn’t knock it ’til I’ve tried it, but I’ll stick to the gym.

2 thoughts on “people who rock

  • Anonymous

    emo experience

    was your first emo rock show experience not worth a livejournal post? 🙂

    • Re: emo experience

      first I gots to go buy me a hoodie and some black adidas.


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