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I like traffic lights

prepare to be amazed, my friends.

okay, so only slightly underwhelming.

this is a traffic light electronics kit I bought in Tennessee and soldered together as soldering practice for the x0xb0x I bought the other week. The x0xb0x is a Roland TB-303 synthesizer replica (the short version of the long story is that they reverse engineered a Roland TB-303, sourced all the original parts, and now sell it as a kit that you can build yourself) – it’s arguably the closest you can get to the sound of an actual TB-303. Here’s a x0xb0x in action (it’s not mine, since mine’s still in pieces).

anyway, to get some soldering practice I bought a couple of electronics kits, and the first one I’ve managed to complete is the traffic light kit you see above. It’s got a lot of parts for something so simple, but it does the trick. It says on the box you can use it for model railroads, but it seems pretty big to suit that purpose, not to mention it would be hard to put a prototypical box around it to make it look like a real stoplight, but I’m sure someone’s found a use for it somewhere. My current use for it is to put up on the mantle (where you see it now) and ooh and aah as it changes colors. Well, nobody ever said I wasn’t easily amused.

2 thoughts on “I like traffic lights

  • I had not heard of the x0xb0x, that is awesome. I want to see/hear it sometime.

  • same here. I can’t wait ’til it’s done… unfortunately I haven’t even started with the construction of it yet, it’s way daunting!


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