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baby Callum turned five months old yesterday.

I’ve been playing a bit with Blosxom. It is a very cool weblogging program that stores entries as text files (so that you can use a text editor to make an entry) and uses directory trees to indicate heirarchy. I have a few unused domain names that I wouldn’t mind putting online – I might use Blosxom to create these sites.

Newman’s Own makes some pretty good pasta sauces. The Hot & Spicy and Sockarooni sauces are the best of the lot, I think. They serve well as a base for a good sauce – if you add some meat and some vegetables to these sauces they manage to maintain their spicyness. They go especially well with cheese tortellini, I find. A lot of the cheaper sauces out there end up tasting like bland, mushy tomatoes and ruin an otherwise good meal.

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11. Sep, 2003


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