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An avocado treeAvocados are a terrific addition to shakes and smoothies. They’re very good for you, and they turn a shake frothy like a milkshake even if there isn’t any dairy in there (I make my shakes without). They’re also great in sandwiches, wraps, and of course, tacos.

Callum decided to plant one of the big spherical seeds from one of the avocados I used in one of my shakes, and over time it’s grown into a little avocado tree. It took a few months for it to sprout. First, it took its sweet time forming roots; then, after some consideration, a little stem popped out of the soil. Since then it’s grown to nearly a foot tall.

The only problem I have with avocados is that you have to experience them on their time. Open one too early and it’s firm and bitter-tasting. Too late and it starts to feel squishy like a water balloon. Get the timing right, though, and it’s green goodness.

Happy blending.

2 thoughts on “Avocados

  • Hi Brian,
    This is Sri from Canada. I have interacted earlier on some PMP topics. Trust you are well. How can I not say something great about the goodness of avocados! Longo’s store carries the best ones here. We also add it to our dips and chutneys in addition to the shakes. With them timing is very true! cheers!

    • Hello Sri,

      Nice to hear from you. I hope that all is going well in your project management career.

      That’s great that you are taking advantage of the goodness of avocados. Growing up in Canada, I can’t remember ever actually eating an avocado or even seeing them in stores – though of course there was probably some present in the guacamole found at local Mexican restaurants. Back then, avocados didn’t seem to be as popular in Ontario as they currently are here in the States. Perhaps that has changed, however… there has certainly been a lot of buzz lately about the health benefits of eating avocados.

      I’m a big fan of dips and chutneys! I might have to experiment with whipping up a few of those one of these days.

      All the best to you up north!


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