Quarantined in Canada

One week of quarantine down!

They say that on average, people display signs of COVID-19 five or six days after catching it. We are on day eight. Which doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet (we are literally in the woods), but it’s a good sign.

It’s been surreal being back here. I haven’t spent any significant time in this house since we bought it in the mid-2000s when we were planning on moving our family to Toronto or Ottawa (we ended up moving back to the States for work). So the house is a time capsule full of all of our old stuff – clothes, books, DVDs (SO much Star Trek and Stargate), scrapbooks and photo albums, and toys and books from when the kids were toddlers. So while I’ve been here I’ve been wearing my old clothes from the mid-2000s (baggy and oversized – we valued comfort over appearance back then), watching Lord of the Rings and season one of Veronica Mars with Amelia, listening to my old CDs, reading my old books, and to top it all off, I don’t have Internet. It’s like I’ve stepped back in time.

It’s been wonderful hanging out with Amelia. We’ve been listening to a lot of EXO, watching Busted! (a fun Korean show Amelia downloaded from Netflix before we left Prague), drinking tea, playing cribbage, and canoeing on the lake. She is still scheduled to start school on the west coast in the fall, so unless we get coronablocked we plan to catch a flight to Vancouver in mid-August to get her to her new school.

In another week we’ll step back out and rediscover civilization (in a socially distanced way). Not to mention, the day after quarantine someone is finally coming to install DSL! But until then I’ll be drinking tea on the deck and reliving the past. I hope you are all having a lovely month of June and staying safe.

A brief stopover in Frankfurt.
Arriving at Toronto Pearson Airport.
Setting up camp at the lake.

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