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A maid café in Akihabara

Last New Year’s Day I made a resolution to break the mould and try out some new places. This evening we went to a “maid café” in Akihabara, Tokyo’s “Electric Town”, where the servers were dressed as maids and performed little shows for the guests as they served them (not in an adult-oriented manner by the way – it was more kawaii (cute) than sexual). It didn’t feel right to take pictures of them but it was probably the most bizarre place I’ve been all year 😅

I needed a big beer to get through this.
Fancy maid-made desserts 🍨
They made us do this a lot.
If you live in Japan your kids can read about the adventures of strange buttfaced kid.

I think “become a ninja” is the BEST way to protect yourself from crime or other trouble.

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