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American Academy in Minecraft

The kids’ school has been closed since early March (classes have continued online), so Callum and a few of his friends made a virtual version in Minecraft for students to hang out in.

Having visited the kids’ school numerous times, I think this Minecraft version is impressive… it looks a lot like the school from the outside, and the students designed the inside by using actual school blueprints. So all of the classrooms are there, as are the gymnasium, library, cafeteria, school administrative offices, bathrooms, check-in area, and so on.

Maybe if the shelter-in-place order continues, they can build the rest of Prague to go with it.

The front of the school.
The front of a classroom on the ground floor.
The back of the classroom.
The food service area by the cafeteria. The food dispensers disperse actual (Minecraft) food.
The school cafeteria.
The school library.
The gymnasium.
The stairwell by the main entrance.
An upstairs hallway leading to the administrative offices.
A bathroom at the school.
A row of student lockers.
The school at night.

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