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first – obligatory baby picture. This week: goofiest smile yet!

second – update. This weekend was pretty fun. We went to Millenium Music and took advantage of a DVD rental deal they’re offering – 25 movies for $25 over a period of 6 months. If you live in the Charleston area it’s definitely worth checking out. We’ve watched four movies so far, two each evening (the deal, of course, is that Yvonne gets to pick one and I get to pick one). I don’t usually shop at Millenium because they have this thing where their CDs are overpriced unless you buy a membership, at which point they’ll sell CDs to you for the price you can get them elsewhere without a membership. Needless to say I have never purchased a membership – I get my CDs at Manifest Discs and Tapes in West Ashley. But this DVD deal rocks too much to miss.

studying has also been going well. I’ve been continuing with the Chinese and Yvonne has been studying Russian. It’s hard to fit it in amidst all the diaper changing, movie watching and whatnot, but even sneaking in a couple of hours of studying every week seems to really pay off in the long run.

work tomorrow, so bedtime now.

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